Dandy Lane Cafe and Its Coffee Adventure

Introduction to Dandy Lane Café

Have you ever stumbled upon a café where every sip tells a story? Dandy Lane Café is precisely that magical spot. Nestled in Hobart, this café is more than just a place to grab a quick coffee; it’s where coffee tales unravel.

Diving Deep into Gabriel Coffee Roaster

There’s a secret behind the bewitching brews at Dandy Lane – and it’s called Gabriel Coffee Roaster. Recognized for their finesse in crafting coffee, Gabriel is not just any roaster. They are artisans, painting flavors onto beans.

Their Art of Curating Single Origins

It’s often said that the world can be found in a cup of coffee. Gabriel Coffee Roaster embraces this philosophy wholeheartedly. Single origins aren’t just about regions or farms; they are a canvas of climate, soil, and love. Each bean brings a unique tale, an unmatched flavor, and a slice of its homeland.

Spotlight on the Filter Roast: Burundi Natural

Among the many narratives brewed, there’s one that stands out like a charismatic novel – the Filter Roast Burundi Natural. This isn’t just coffee; it’s an orchestration of flavors. Imagine sipping onto notes of stewed pineapple and green apple, only to be greeted by the deep, comforting embrace of dark chocolate. Such is the allure of this roast. Its symphony of sweetness, acidity, and depth is not just a tasting experience but a journey through the landscapes of Burundi.


Dandy Lane Café, in collaboration with Gabriel Coffee Roaster, brings more than just caffeine to your cup. It brings stories, memories, and a world tour with every sip. So, the next time you’re in Hobart and seeking a caffeinated tale, you know where to head!


  1. Where is Dandy Lane Café located?
    • Nestled in the heart of Hobart, it’s a coffee lover’s paradise.
  2. Who are Gabriel Coffee Roasters?
    • They’re renowned coffee artisans known for their unique roasts and single origin selections.
  3. What makes the Filter Roast Burundi Natural special?
    • Apart from its unique tasting notes of stewed pineapple, green apple, and dark chocolate, it’s the story and journey of Burundi packed in a cup.
  4. Does Dandy Lane Café offer other brews from Gabriel Coffee Roaster?
    • Absolutely! Their menu is a delightful ensemble of various roasts and flavors curated by Gabriel.
  5. Can I buy the Filter Roast Burundi Natural beans for home?
    • Yes, Dandy Lane often stocks beans for those who wish to brew their own tales at home.

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